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- It looks pretty darned good.

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Well to find it out, naturally, it fell to me, Foodtribe's resident Jaffa Cake connoisseur to see.

11w ago

So there you have it, a cracking spirit. But does it work when mixed down? Well, after some *extensive* research, I'm happy to say that it does.


Tea with a bit of a kick!

Prep time5min
Cook time5min
Total time10min


  • 1 mug of black Earl Grey Tea
  • 1 measure of Jaffa Cake Rum


  1. Make up the tea to about medium strength. You're looking for a balance of flavours. Neither component should overpower the other. Don't sweeten the tea as this will ruin the flavour. Nor should you add milk.
  2. Add in the rum and stir well.
  3. Enjoy.

Recipe Notes

Yes, this is literally tea with rum in. All in, an ideal winter warmer.

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I did.

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The key to this working is using a citrusy tea like Earl Grey as the citrus of the tea works well with the fruity note of the rum. The sweetness that the rum's spices bring to the drink alleviates the need to add sugar.

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Conventional mixers

OK, so what if you don't like tea? Well, the Jaffa Cake rum does go nicely with a few other, more conventional mixers. Traditional lemonades are always a good start, nothing too sweet as this runs the risk of ruining the flavour of the rum. Bright and lemony is what you're after. I mixed it with San Pellegrino Pompelmo, their grapefruit lemonade and it worked exceptionally well. Again, the bitterness of the grapefruit flavour was balanced by the smoother notes of the rum.

Jaffa cake Rum

Dark and rich in colour, the flavour matches. Notes of all kinds layered atop each other beautifully.

Dark and rich in colour, the flavour matches. Notes of all kinds layered atop each other beautifully.

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Comments (10)

  • Damn it Jesse. Now I need to buy a bottle for myself. Actually, speaking of dark spiced rum, have you ever tried Takamaka? I would highly recommend it – it’s one of my favourites.

      2 months ago
  • Sounds interesting

      2 months ago
  • I am curious if we will ever get this in the States

      2 months ago
  • Anyone going to try it in Hot Chocolate as a winter warmer? I don't drink but it may be an option over Mulled Wine.....

      2 months ago