- No James Mays were harmed in the building of this kitchen.

Watch James May build his kitchen

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45w ago

Many of you will have seen James May cooking in his now-famous bug-out bunker kitchen. But I'm pretty sure not many of you will have seen how he built it.

First thing's first. What was it before it became a kitchen? Well, from the looks of things, it used to be some kind of disused office.

Before we could make this small dingy room into the fabulously-equipped, state-of-the-art kitchen you see today, there was some serious clearing out to be done. Luckily, James had some helpers from the DriveTribe and FoodTribe offices, so this took no time at all.

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He's not afraid to get his hands dirty...

Old desks, chairs, mattresses and filing cabinets were sent to the nearest recycling tip to make way for some fresh surfaces and fancy utensils.

Once the room was empty, it was time to give it a well-deserved lick of paint (which hadn't been done since approximately 1939), with white being the colour of choice to show off May's tan.

After a couple of hours with paintbrushes in hand, the room was looking as good as new... Just don't look too closely.

Note the creative use of fragile tape in lieu of any masking tape.

Note the creative use of fragile tape in lieu of any masking tape.

Once the room was ready, it was time for the main event: a trip to Ikea. Then, the kitchen build could commence. Fortunately, James documented the whole process and got busy with iMovie.

Here's the finished result:

If you are a FoodTribe subscriber, you will have seen us use this little kitchen on numerous occasions. And once we're back up and running to the best of our abilities, this space will be featured in many videos to come.

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      10 months ago
  • Excellent

      10 months ago
  • You could have had my old kitchen (from 1987).

    Looks very similar.

    If you think IKEA is bad, I once bought some stuff from Habitat. That was a horrendous experience.

    Off to Poundland now.

      10 months ago