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James May has an insurance in case Grand Tour doesn't go well

Josh S posted in Italian
2y ago

Josh S

James May, a.k.a Captain Slow seems to be a good cook after all! Despite the prejudice that 50 year old British men don't cook well(and even if they cook, the results are usually British Food), James May seems to be quite a good cook!

Image from Fine Cooking

Image from Fine Cooking

James May posted a video of him cooking Carbonara on his Youtube channel JM's Unemployment Tube while he and Richard Hammond was boycotting Top Gear after Jeremy Clarkson was fired. And the results of it were better than I expected.

Although original Carbonara needs a skilled chef(not to make it into a scrambled egg pasta) and some Italian ingredients with fancy names, James May did it without any of those. He used simple everyday ingredients we can find in a nearby store, like normal bacon instead of Panchetta and normal cheese instead of Pecorino Romano. I myself had tried it a few days ago with his recipe and it worked out pretty okay.

Well this isn't his only videos, there are videos of him cooking Shepherd's Pie and Poachies on Toast too! Don't forget to visit his channel!

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Comments (3)

  • These are pure gold

      2 years ago
  • james did carbonara exactly how it should be! no cream, never, ever!

      2 years ago
  • I loved the Shepherds pie several glasses of wine later lol

      2 years ago