Watch: James May talks about beating Gordon Ramsay in a cooking competition

We all remember the time James May beat Gordon Ramsay with his legendary fish pie

4w ago

Gordon Ramsay is probably the most famous chef... in the world. So it's even more impressive that our very own James May beat him in a cooking competition, while a bit tipsy.

When James joined the FoodTribe podcast a few weeks ago, he chatted about his monumental victory, and said him and Gordon are still in touch.

I also asked him whether we could be lucky enough to get a new series of Oz Clarke and James' Big Wine Adventure. Oz certainly seems keen, having retweeted our suggestion on Twitter (yes we keep an eye on that sort of thing around here! 👀).

Catch up with some of the big highlights from the podcast.

Would you like to see James May take on Gordon Ramsay again?

Who do you reckon would win between James May and Gordon Ramsay?

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Comments (8)

  • I'd like to see that! What about Gordon taking on Hammond and May (as separate contestants) at the same time?

      1 month ago
    • I feel like that would make excellent TV... although think it would definitely be between May and Ramsay!

        29 days ago
  • Nice chat! I have to admit that I think of my next meal as soon as I finish eating 🤪🙊

      1 month ago
  • I also remember a video of & Gordon Ramsay eating something very interesting from Iceland and that Ramsay vomits and said: "You disappoint me Ramsay!" 😅😂 Love too hear respond to that as well

      1 month ago
  • I sure would love to see take on Gordon Ramsey in a fermented sheep meat eating competition in the Faroe Islands. I know both of them will vomit and die but it is still worth it.

      28 days ago