W​atch kitchen vid try not to puke up lols

5w ago


​Disclaimer: I know the camera is the wrong way around, but that was to hide some of the more personal details of the kitchen I was using. So don't bother to point it out. Thanks.

This is my first proper video for FoodTribe and it's not very good. But it is a genuine test of a product and I am not being paid for it or sponsored by anyone. You will probably work that out for yourself when you see it.

L​et me know in the comments if you've tried one of these or something similar, or if there's anything in particular you don't want me to cook.

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  • The choice of wine can make or break a meal.

    1 month ago
    8 Bumps
    • The best way to avoid that problem is to get rid of the meal variable. I’ve tested that theory many times. No pairing problems.

      1 month ago
      10 Bumps
    • I pair meals by getting good and loaded on the wine before dinner so that it tastes better! 😂

      1 month ago
      5 Bumps
  • Nailed the headline

    1 month ago
    6 Bumps


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