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Watch: Make Rachel's infamous English Trifle from Friends

Internet chef Andrew Rea has recreated the bizarre chimaera of shepherd's pie and trifle... mmm

1y ago

I am a Binging With Babish fan. I should probably open with that otherwise this article might seem a little too gushy. I stumbled across him when he recreated the car panini from Family Guy but then stayed for his silky voice and masses of kitchen deftness. The softness of his videos is a perfect antidote to Hell's Kitchen and I love it.

He not only covers food from films and TV but has started a series called Basics with Babish, giving everyone the easy to follow recipes for classic and traditional dishes and food stuffs.

But that's not why you clicked on this article, you just want to see the chaos erupt as Andrew tried to recreate the ill-fated trifle from "The One Where Ross Got High".

And if you want more Binging with Babish, click here, and also be sure to check out his cookery books too! He also stars in an episode of Jon Favreau's cookery show, The Chef Show over on Netflix, so if you're coming up short of ideas to pass the time in lock down, there you go.

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  • I wonder if it tastes like feet.

      1 year ago