Watch this man eat 100 pancakes for Shrove Tuesday

That's over 12,000 calories...

1y ago

Many people across the nation will be celebrating Shrove Tuesday by eating one, maybe two pancakes for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This is the norm here in the UK.

However, some people like to take it to the next level. This is the YouTuber and competitive eater, BeardMeatsFood and he has decided to take on 100 pancakes to celebrate his Shrove Tuesday. God knows what his Ash (more like Dash) Wednesday morning toilet routine will look like...

Altogether, this is around 12,500 calories worth of pancakes. To put that into perspective. That is roughly 5 days worth of calories of the average man or the equivalent to 1,136 Maltesers. I think it's pretty safe to say this man is mad.

How many could you manage?

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