Watch: Tyson Fury be repulsed by British snacks for 3 minutes

Sometimes even the smallest of things can repulse guys of this size...

2y ago

Now then. Tyson Fury. One of the biggest and most famous heavyweight boxing champions in the world. He is fearless, he is mighty and...he doesn't like Gentleman's relish.

In this LadBible video, Tyson Fury takes on some of Britain's most popular snacks and gives his honest opinion on them. Some of these foods include, jaffa cakes, marshmallow fluff, root beer and a cold Greggs sausage roll. Not the most taxing challenges he has ever faced but it could be worse...he could be on I'm a Celebrity.

What is your favourite British snack?

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  • Now I want some jaffa cakes!

      2 years ago