Watch: Unpopular opinions – James May and Rachael Hogg argue about ketchup

Ketchup 100% belongs on a roast dinner. James May doesn't agree with me...

1w ago


I really love ketchup. Even as the editor of a food site, a massive foodie, the daughter of a chef and restaurateur... I still put ketchup on my roast dinner. I've improved and limited my ketchup usage over the years, but I can't shake it.

People get very angry about the fact that I put ketchup on a lot of things... probably too many things if I'm being completely honest with myself.

James May also got a bit angry about me putting ketchup on a roast dinner. Well, less angry, more, 'considering my continued employment at FoodTribe'. We had a little debate about the whole thing...


You can watch the behind the scenes of this video over on Lucy's YouTube channel:


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Comments (148)

  • 1. I use ketchup with my fish and chips. It's mostly for the chips (no curry sauce in Canada for your chips) but I'll dip my fish if I run out of tartar sauce.

    2. I use ketchup on my roast potatoes if they are either bland or there is no gravy.

    3. I've never had ketchup with a roast since there is always gravy.

    4. Sometimes I'll put ketchup in my Kraft dinner but only on Kraft dinner never on homemade mac and cheese.

    Back to the original question of "should ketchup be on a roast dinner?" id say only if there is no gravy.

      8 days ago