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38w ago
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Seasoning is crucial to any recipe, even if you're not making food. I've heard that good old cast iron pans can be glossy and frictionless like a Tefal frying pan if they're treated properly. So I dug out the two that I've had rusting away under all my other saucepans and gave them a bit of love. I'm diverting from the originally published order because, well, why not? I didn't want eggs today.

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  • Well done. Coupla things, though. I know that video taught you to apply the oil with a paper towel, but several sources have taught me that a lint-free cloth is best so that you don't inadvertently implant little paper fibers into the season you are building. I've cut up a few of my son's outgrown cotton t-shirts into foldable applicators for this; they wash up nicely for reuse. Also, yes, likely you will want to repeat that seasoning procedure at least a couple more times and plan to do that often, if not every time you use the pan, until you have a genuinely solid layer of seasoning in place. Sunflower oil was a good choice for that due to its smoke point.

      8 months ago
    • Thanks for the pointers! I will have to get another few layers on there ASAP. Bake in the oven after every use? Wow that’s a commitment!!

        8 months ago
    • As I understand it, the repeat committed seasonings go on until you build up a solid polymerization. After that, it's more maintenance, such as if you accidentally cook off or scratch off some of the seasoning. . I've also been taught that...

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        8 months ago
  • I have genuinely wondered what people were going on about when they mentioned seasoning a pan.

    Also I need to know what watch you're wearing on that Nato strap.

      8 months ago
  • I was struggling to season my wok with the hob. I even bought a blowtorch for it.

    Using oven is a great idea.

      8 months ago
    • That is rather funny, love the ingenuity though! On the plus side, a blowtorch is a handy thing to have around so you’ve done yourself a favour in many ways

        8 months ago