Watch: What are ghost kitchens & why are they taking over our cities?

Not quite as spooky as they sound, but ghost kitchens are popping up in cities everywhere...

1y ago

Video script by Judy Cogan. Animations by Leslie Wai.

W​hen you order food online, you probably give little thought to the precise kitchen your meal is being cooked in — focusing more on why it's taking so long, or whether you should bother warming plates up in the oven or just eat it out of its wrapping.

But as the takeaway industry just keeps on growing – it's expected to supersize to a hefty $200 billion by 2025 – it's putting a huge strain on restaurants. The solution is possibly found in ghost kitchens, but what are they, and how will they help?

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Comments (10)

  • What a video. Loved it

      1 year ago
  • At least here in the States, some of these ghost kitchens are also serving up cuisines that aren't otherwise available in an area.

      1 year ago
  • Personally I am all for this idea. I would rather have my supper cooked in a controlled clean environment and well managed industrial unit. Having worked in the catering industry, on and off for over 40 years, some kitchens and chefs are a disgrace.

    I would swap 'artisan' for skill and professionalism any day.

      1 year ago
  • China definitely need more of this. I've been to the Burger King a lot before I left for college. And staffs there were swamped by both online and offline orders.

      1 year ago
  • Great subject to talk about - currently writing about how I ordered over 400 Deliveroo's in one year and how it effected me.....

      1 year ago