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Watching James May has changed my perspective on chocolate sandwiches. Up until a few days ago, I’d never thought to have butter and chocolate spread on the same sandwich. It’s great!

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  • I'm trying to remember if my granny added margarine or butter when making milo sandwiches.

    I can remember glancing in to the kitchen, and seeing the teaspoon of milo being sprinkled on to the standard white slices, but I just can't remember if there was a previous step in the process.

    But then, the milo didn't seem to fall of easily.

    So I guess there must have been butter or margarine in use.

    Australia produces a little bit of a sunflower crop, and the odd bit of cream for the churn, and the choices are always welcome.

    I'm thinking it was margarine, because it was a bit more technologically advanced, and it was the space age, after all.

    To my knowledge, spreadable butter had yet to be invented.

      1 year ago
  • Yeah, I still don't butter my Nutella bread.

      1 year ago