Watermelon pizza is the new pineapple pizza

This is getting out of hand

4w ago

Most people love to hate pineapple pizza -they see it as a crime - and the latest TikTok trend (gah) is probably even worse: watermelon pizza.

The first TikTok user to make it popular (@lalaleluu) simply sliced a watermelon and turned it into a pizza, adding some sauce, some sliced lemon and Tajín sauce on top.

Domino’s Australia took the trend one step further by creating their own watermelon pizza. As in, they used watermelon as a base for the pizza, added mozzarella and tomato sauce on top, and then baked the whole thing. Imagine that. Some say it was just a prank. Yeah, right.

Would you try it?

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Comments (13)

  • This is not a pizza, simple as that.

      30 days ago
  • That sounds just disgusting 🤮 and waste of water melon and pizza

      30 days ago
  • Not sure what I think of that yet, but so far I don't think much of it! 😂 Wayermelon and pizza should be eaten by themselves...

      30 days ago
  • A few years ago baked watermelon was a thing, watermelon "pizza" is served here but it is actually a salad. This is another level 😆. I will try it!

      30 days ago
  • Not on your life!!!!!

      29 days ago