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Wayne Rooney buys £150k wine room

The international footballing star is adding the exclusive feature to his new home.

1y ago

Wayne Rooney has chosen to invest a smidgen of his vast sums of footballing money into building a wine room for his new house. As his talents as a bricklayer have never been made public knowledge, perhaps he’s going to get someone else to build it for him.

It must be extremely tricky for successful football players to know what to do with all of the bags of cash that they have lying around, especially when they have to plan for fifty years of retirement. I suppose that there are only so many luxury cruises around the world to go on and that high-quality watches become incredibly heavy on the arm. My heart really does go out to them.

So, given the context (and the usually questionable social activities of famous footballers), it is likely a wise decision of the former Manchester United forward to invest in a wine room. It’s small change too, costing only £150,000. If he came to Stoke-on-Trent he’d be able to buy 150,000 houses with that.

The luxurious room is all part of Rooney’s grand construction of a new £20m estate in Cheshire. Featuring a cinema, full-sized football pitch, driving range and snooker room, it is hoped that there will still be enough space on the 120-acre site to squeeze in the spectacular wine room. Although details of exactly where the mansion is in Cheshire have not been revealed, it’s probably not going to be Crewe.

The current Derby County player is renowned for his love of plonk, having downed a £2,000 bottle of exclusive Chateau Petrus on his 28th birthday to wash down some cake. His new wine room will come complete with a bar and hopefully a pre-stocked supply of drinks given the massive asking price. It may have been more convenient to combine two luxury spectacles and construct a wine swimming pool.

Not being quite as cultured as Wayne Rooney, I can’t help thinking that a rack would have been cheaper.

You’ve got £150,000. What are you spending it on?

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Comments (6)

  • Already got one of those 🤔

      1 year ago
  • Admit it, our dream home does have a costly wine room. The one I envision has a few art deco cars in it as well.

      1 year ago