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We Bare Bears Calzone #AsSeenOnTV

My calzone entrence to Robin Ho's challenge #AsSeenOnTV

Pizza which looks like pierogi - best combo ever! at least to me. I found my inspiration in one of the cartoons which I used to watch (yes, I watch cartoons from time to time). Cartoon called "We bare Bears" it was on Cartoon Network between 2015-2019. Episode which inspired me was called "Food Truck" Three main characters Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear open their food truck buissness and sell calzones (in the nutshell)

I prepared 4 big calzones instead of several small, like they did. I made regular pizza dough. They served calzones with tomato sauce, cheese, champignion (mushrooms) and some meat I believe. Of course I did simiraly but still differently. I fried champignions together with chicken ham, onion, seasonings like garlic, thyme, salt and pepper.

Meanwhile, when filling was almost done I prepared bechamel-cheesy mozzarella sauce. I pour sauce to the filling and mix everything together.

Cut dough into 4 parts, rolled out and I put some leftover tomato sauce, then added some filling, mozzarella cheese on the top. I glued the ends like pierogi, tried to shape them like they were looking in cartoon.

Used egg to brush them before baking and bake them for 20 minutes in 180Β°C.

Serving them on its own, would be a bit boring. I needed some colours so I did arugula salad with red onion, yellow/orange bell pepper, some olives, parsley and nice vinegar dressing and also used leftover tomato sauce. Everything looked so good and tasted even better.

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