We challenged FoodTribers to try a new drink, and it got perfectly weird

From a samurai-topped whisky to a truly vile milkshake. Don't tell Doug F I said this.

1w ago

It was the easiest thing anyone has ever been asked to do - go forth and try a drink you've never tried before, be it a spontaneous cocktail of maple syrup, nutmeg-sprinkled cream and bourbon...wait, that's not a bad idea.

Anyway, it wasn't an easy challenge, as it turns out - I sat for days wondering what new drink would make a suitably impressive entry and also perhaps change my life, and in the end just went to a speakeasy one evening and tried 5 new drinks.

My best photographed one was the entry. Done.

So while we might need to do this sort of challenge far more than once-off, this is what the rest of the FoodTribe community picked...


"The years of Japanese whisky being the laughing stock of Kentucky and Ireland are over. This is a liquor of few equals. It’s been battle tested. It’s literally intoxicating in the best way - it works quick, efficiently, and mercy is shown with a lack of fire at the back of the throat. It had better be epic, as the samurai won’t take any wallets prisoner."


"I brought this home from Kangaroo Island three years ago so now was perfect age to open. It has beautiful mellow honey flavor unlike anything else but it could be described as sherry, white wine, or port. I tried it with cheese, curry, dessert and chocolate for a long Sunday lunch and it paired magnificently with everything. This was real honey mead not honey flavored wine so no grapes included. For something that is part of traditional knowledge, I’m glad I’ve finally tried it."


"I almost never try new drinks but the #drinkchallenge made me think about searching for new ones. This weekend I had this Raspberry Pepsi Max and I loved it! Very soft and a bit more sweet than the original one, which of course - having my sweet tooth - is something I enjoyed a lot!"


"So for Sir John’s latest challenge I tried Six and Twenty’s Carolina Cream. It has run with cream and bourbon whisky. Six and Twenty is a local distillery. The Carolina Cream is well.... a specialty that you can only get here in the Carolinas. My step dad had some and I thought this would be perfect to try for the challenge. I have to say it is very tasty. A tad strong but I wouldn’t mind getting again."


"We've made our Bee's Knees using small-batch Cotton Gin from the Otterbeck distillery in Yorkshire. It's made using Yorkshire watercress, coriander, local spruce, rowan berries, nettle leaves and mint botanicals, which all give a lovely herbaceous and floral note to the gin, which works really well in a Bee's Knees."


"Well, John said to try something new, so I put my own unique twist on this challenge. Instead of trying something completely new, I took away additional ingredients to something I actually didn’t know if I actually liked plain. That’s right, I tried a Corona WITHOUT a lime. Despite the slight skunkiness, it wasn’t bad! I definitely prefer it with a lime, but Corona is pretty good on its own as well. I hope you enjoy this rave review."


"Adventures in mail order cocktail kits: the aviation spritz!"


"John posted a challenge for us to drink something new and I have never bothered to try one of these before. Now the problem is I really liked it. This was melon flavored. The flavor itself was very nice and this was not overly sweet which I was scared it was going to be. So always remember to try something new, you might enjoy it."


"What is Spezi? Well... it is cola with orange. And it just tastes good. It also reminds me of my childhood somewhat, even though we were pretty much never allowed any. That makes it easily mixed at home as well.

This Spezi combines the best of both Flavours. It is unique, yet so ubitiqious that it does not even have another name in most cases."


"The great thing about these kind of challenges is sometimes you find something that is absolutely fantastic and that is exactly what happened for this one. During my Burger wars 5 Guys post Elliot Marshall recommended I get a bacon milkshake, well, I got a salted caramel & bacon milkshake."


"Mango smoothie from a place I've never had it from before. Bloody delicious."


"The horny goat weed tea tasted just as awful as I feared 😳🤣"


"I tried this for the 1st time a few days ago. It’s a classic cocktail with a new spin on it. It’s a Gimlet. Gimlets have been around for ages but this one is a Gin Gimlet made with Mayer Lemon. We’d bought some Meyer lemons that day but had no clue what to do with them... enter the Gin Gimlet with Meyer Lemon."


"My first Brut!"


"Here's a new drink I tried at a charming local speakeasy, called 'Bastille Day'. It's a cocktail of Pear Mistelle, Calvados, Coffee, and Honey. It was light & refreshing. Also quite pretty.

It's said to be 'floral and lively', like a James May shirt."


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Comments (35)

  • Forgot all about this. I even bought a bottle just for it hahahaha

    This Jameson is quite good. It has a nice smokey stout finish while still maintaining what makes Jameson great.

      9 days ago
    • No better whiskey than Jameson! Got some cute little ones a while ago...

        9 days ago
    • Don't worry - we have to make a low-key drinks challenge a regular FoodTribe thing. We just have to.

      I personally find stout tastes like a combo of metho and Vegemite but cheers!

        8 days ago
  • Nice challenge Sir Juicy!

      9 days ago
  • It was a fun challenge and I discovered a new (to me) tasty drink.

      9 days ago
  • So many cool drinks! 's Spezi reminds me of a drink I had once in Germany wich was half coke and half orange fanta, at the restaurant they said it's a common mixture everyone does there... it was just strange at first but it wasn't bad!

      9 days ago
  • This is neat to see all of these compiled together!

      9 days ago