We could all do with some Emotional Support Beer right about now

The guy's a genius

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The expression 'Emotional Support Beer' somehow conjures up images of self-healing group meetings but Brooklyn resident Floyd Hayes decided to bottle his emotions, literally, by creating an IPA with that name.

In an interview with Time Out New York, Mr Hayes explained that he came up with the idea while riding the bus in NYC. As he was sitting on the bus, a PA announcement said "no loud cell phone calls, keep your headphone on low, don’t distract the driver and the use of alcohol is against federal law unless you have a prior written permission'”.

“The ‘written permission’ [part] tickled me," Hayes said. "I liked the idea of enjoying a beer and then unfurling a scroll of permission if challenged by the law.” Hayes registered a pint of beer, you're gonna love this, as an emotional support animal with the USA Service Dog Registration.

His plan somehow worked, the whole thing took off and you can now buy a can of Emotional Support Beer. Mr Hayes partnered up with Woodstock Brewing, based in Phoenicia, NY, and create a Citra hop IPA with citrus flavors, notes of mango and honey.

The beer is priced at $20 for a pack-of-four and a portion of a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Operation at Ease, an organization that “takes dogs from shelters, pairs them with deserving veterans and first responders and provides a free guided training program for post traumatic stress and light mobility service dogs”.

If you could create your own brand of beer, what would you kill it?

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