We know what item you're stockpiling

1y ago

It's been manic at the supermarket – everyone seems to think they're stocking up for a lifetime at home. But what are you stockpiling?

What did you do with your first day home from work?

  • I watched daytime TV
  • I set up the ideal place to work from home
  • I went to the pub
  • I slept

Do you have kids at home?

  • Yes
  • Yes, but they are my siblings
  • My other half is basically a big kid
  • Nope

Are you still going to work?

  • Yes, I care for people
  • Yes, I work in a shop
  • Yes, I work on public transport
  • Yes, I have another essential job
  • No

Your friends are missing you and want you to arrange something. What do you arrange?

  • A holiday. Flights are so cheap!
  • A watch-along of your favourite series
  • A visit to the park – while social distancing, of course
  • A big video chat to catch up (with drinks, obvs)

How much exercise do you normally get?

  • I visit the gym a couple of times a week
  • I go out for a run when I can
  • I like to regularly walk to the fridge and back
  • I walk the dog every day

How is lockdown treating you?

  • I have doubled my body weight already
  • I am loving life. I was built for this
  • I'm meant to be working hard... but actually I'm hardly working!
  • I feel like I haven't seen another person for about 100 years

What's the first thing you plan on doing when all this is over?

  • Rearrange the holiday I had to cancel
  • Visit my family
  • Pack up my home office setup and get back to work
  • PUB!
  • Buy bigger clothes to accommodate my new figure!

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