We need some of Tesco's Baileys-inspired popcorn this Christmas

Who else really wants some?

1w ago

Tesco recently announced its Christmas menu for 2021 and it included some really exciting looking items such as mince pies, Turkey, Salmon, Brie. You name it, they've probably added it to the menu.

However, one thing they have just introduced beats them all simply because it combines the general public's two favourite things: popcorn and booze.

Introducing: Cream Liqueur-flavoured popcorn. This is something we have never thought of before and now it makes perfect sense. Why waste time pouring yourself a glass of Bailey's when you can use just one hand and snack at the same time?

An eight-portion bag will cost £1.50 and seems like the perfect addition to a Christmas party. Alongside that, Tesco has also launched a Lebkuchen Irish Cream Liqueur which pays tribute to the iconic German spiced gingerbread, with hints of nutmeg, almond, candied orange and ginger.

Just imagine a Christmas day where both of the above are present. Now that's a Christmas party everyone in the FoodTribe community could get on board with!

Which excited you the most?

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Comments (2)

  • I rarely agree with any diversion from the OG popcorn, but this can't go wrong.

      13 days ago
  • I would try it

      13 days ago