We never should have bought these.

They are just that good.

Doug F posted in Fast Food
41w ago

A Youtuber we watch called Edwin Sarkissian has been eating these chips in his videos for a bit now, so we had to try them.

Ok foodtribe this is our second bag of Miss Vickie's jalapeno chips. The first one did not last long at all. There is a smokey slightly barbeque flavor that is so good and not overly salty. They are a kettle style chip with that nice solid crunch that you want to munch. Now as for the spice to us there is none but your taste buds may vary. I highly recommend these chips. Though you may be like us and wish you never did because you will not be able to put the bag down.

Have you tried these foodtribe? Or are you interested in them ? let me know in the comments below.

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