We set a new record on FoodTribe

You all never cease to amaze me

Doug F posted in Food Fun
7w ago

That is right, you all set a record on FoodTribe. Four days ago I put up a post asking you all to comment the first thing you ever cooked on your own and how old were you when you cooked it as well as rate everyone else's.

FoodTribe you absolutely showed up in force and blew the comments up. In the first hour it was well over a hundred comments and rising at a amazing rate. It is a massive understatement when I say you all were keeping me busy with bumps and reply's I was working like crazy to keep up but I enjoyed every moment of it. In eight hours we were really close to three hundred comments, beating my previous high number of 272. After doing some searching and talking to our friend John Coleman he confirmed the highest amount of comments was 347. I can't lie I wanted to beat that number. When I went to bed it was at 316, when I woke up it was over 400 and still climbing quickly you all. It is currently at 572 comments and still growing, at a much slower rate of course.

I have loved reading everyone of these comments, this was so much fun. I want to thank all of you that showed up and took part. If you have not seen this post go check it out because there are some great stories in there and feel free to share yours if you haven't.

You all are amazing! I love you all so much!

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Comments (16)

  • I told you about 600! You didn't believe me! It is very close now! Only 20 to go!

      1 month ago
    • Yes, you did say thatπŸ™‚

      It would be crazy if it makes it there.

        1 month ago
  • It was such an awesome question! No wonder it blew up the comment section. 😊

      1 month ago
    • I appreciate that! I thought it was a good one but I had no idea it would go the way it did.

        1 month ago
    • Surprise! 😁

        1 month ago
  • It is a great post!

      1 month ago
  • I just made it 573 😎

      1 month ago
  • Blown out of the water, Doug! Next stop... 1K.

      1 month ago
    • I know! FT absolutely crushed it.

      That would be amazing to pull off and show we can achieve DT kinda numbers.

        1 month ago