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1w ago

We spatchcocked the turkey!

I did it myself a few years back & man was it challenging. It was on a smaller turkey, probably 15 lbs & damned near killed me.

This year my husband is actually home for Thanksgiving, a rare treat, & he decided he wanted to spatchcock this 20 lb bird. I said…ha…have fun.

I can’t say that he had fun but he was very pleased with himself when 2 knives & 1 set of kitchen shears later the spine was out. He thought he might have difficulty breaking the breast-bone but no…that was exceedingly simple.

And now we have a perfectly spatchcocked turkey. This will cut the cook time in half.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Comments (16)

  • I love the last picture!

      12 days ago
  • That is a brilliant idea! He looks so proud in the last picture. 😀

      11 days ago
    • Ha. Thanks. It’s a bit more work than on a chicken but worth it.

        11 days ago
    • Welcome! I bet it is! How long did it take to cook like this?

        11 days ago
  • That's a nicely fixed bird lol I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

      12 days ago
  • It seems he had a lot of fun 😁. Great job!

      13 days ago
    • 13 days ago