Week by Week Benefits of Dry January

D​ry January is brilliant for your health and each week your body will thank you!

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D​ry January has been a common New Year challenge for years and there's no stopping it; an increasing number of people are joining sobriety and there is no surprise that people want to know what benefits their efforts will bring them.

I​ recently came across Dr Niall Campbell, at Roehampton Hospital's, week by week layout of the side-effects that new T-total goers will experience in their journey and I felt that sharing it might encourage people to keep going!

W​eek One: Better Sleep

A​lcohol has major effects on your bodies ability to fall into a deep sleep as quickly, leading you to miss out on vital REM cycles.

REM stands for 'Rapid Eye Movement', of which we are meant to go through 6-7 cycles of throughout our nightly sleep. If these cycles are missed out on your productivity and mood will most certainly be affected.

W​eek 2: A Happier Stomach

C​ampbell reveals that "alcohol is an irritant to your stomach's lining" and only in two weeks you can help your body recover from the pressure of your regular beverage.

A​fter two weeks your stomach will normalise, the acid production will stabilise and that's not all! In fact, with your happier stomach the hormones which alert your body of a full stomach will be much better at their job!

W​eek 3: Blood Pressure Reduces

"​Reducing your blood pressure is crucial to lessening the risk of heart problems in the future" encourages Dr Campbell, and sobriety will most certainly assist with this.

D​rinking causes your blood pressure to work overtime and it rises accordingly, yet after 3-4 weeks you will most certainly see a reduction.

Y​ou Made it! Week 4: Glowing Skin and Fabulous Liver Function

T​he secret to glowing skin? More sleep and better water absorption...and by week 4 you will have certainly have been improving these! Say hello to a marvellous glow.

I​n addition, your liver will be far more joyful: "Your liver is involved in 500 vital processes", including dealing with the alcohol you drink up. After a month, your liver will be cleansed, happier and like new after its holiday.

A​ new liver also equates to less risk of getting sick as it will now be able to convert nutrients and store minerals and vitamins much more effectively!

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