Weetabix strikes again with its wacky inventions

Pimping beans was only the beginning.

6d ago

To make a great discovery there must first be a huge amount of thorough investigating – and even more spontaneous mishaps.

After all, without bashing open brown hairy balls no one would have revealed the splendidness of coconut juice. The same goes for the hero who unveiled the majesty of the tinned tomatoes tree.

Some discoveries, however, leave much to be desired.

One of the most recent was devised by breakfast snack controller Weetabix, which teamed its traditional wheat biscuits with baked beans to formulate an utterly unholy alliance of disturbing dread. Despite the comprehensive backlash the invention received (and definitely nothing to do with the brand going viral on social media as a result), the company has returned with another strange combination.

The newest fad (sorry – thoughtful, healthy recipe) is termed the Absolutely-scrumptious-a-bix and involves the ambitious mixing of Weetabix with pineapple. Personally, a nice gin would sit better, but I suppose that’s a bit heavy for the first few hours of a working day.

To make the breakfast beauty, several key ingredients are required: two Weetabix; one whole pineapple; 150ml of pineapple juice; half a passion fruit; one quarter of a mango; one quarter of a papaya; one large tablespoon of Greek yogurt.

After first chopping the pineapple in two and scrapping out its innards, drop the Weetabix inside and drown them with pineapple juice. Then, slice up the mango and papaya into small pieces and place them in the pineapple. Finally, garnish the zesty magnificence with passion fruit and yogurt.

With Weetabix on our side, breakfasts need never be boring again.

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Comments (4)

  • Pineapples are easy to grow , and take about 2 to. 3 years to bear fruit .

    They have been grown in the UK in glass houses and polycarbonate houses , in pineapple pits ( pictured ) which were made obsolete by cheap steam ship transport .

    Freshly picked pineapples from your home garden served with weetbix does sound quite good .

      5 days ago
  • It's Weetabix with fruit salad but resort style served in the pineapple 😂 probably a bit much effort for a regular thing, but I'd order it if a cafe bothered 🙂

      5 days ago
  • The Weetabix Marketing Team need to be taken into a small dark room somewhere, invited to take a seat, locked in, and be quietly forgotten about until the banging stops.

      5 days ago