Weighing it up: FoodTribe’s guide to the best kitchen scales in 2020

Ditch the guesswork with our best kitchen scales guide

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Have you ever tried baking without weighing out the ingredients first? While some kitchen pros are experienced enough to eyeball ingredient quantities fairly accurately, the majority of cooks turn out far better results using a kitchen scale.

Let’s be honest, the art of baking is a fairly exact science. There are so many kitchen scales on the market, so how do you know which one is best? That’s where we come in. Below we’ve weighed up (sorry) both mechanical and digital kitchen scales to enhance your culinary prowess.

1: Salter Digital Kitchen Scales

Salter is so confident that you’re buying a good product when you purchase its Digital Weighing Scales that it is willing to back it up with a 15-year guarantee. If that’s not a good enough reason to buy it, we can tell you that its ultra-slim design makes it a discreet addition to your kitchen that’s just as easy to store as it is to use. A really handy feature of these scales is that they are equipped with the ability to measure multiple ingredients (including liquids) in one bowl/pan, eliminating the need for lots of different cooking equipment. This will, in turn, help you to reduce the washing-up. That’s one way to win you around!

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The minimalist one

Salter Digital Kitchen ScalE – slim and magnificent

Apparently it's been seen on TV. We all want famous scales, right?

2: Accuweight Stainless Digital Weighing Scale

The glass surface of the Accuweight Stainless Digital Weighing Scale makes it a doddle to clean and the sleek design enables the scale to sit elegantly on the counter without drawing too much attention. The tare feature on this scale is a handy function for those health-conscious bakers and cooks to help you accurately measure portion sizes and ingredients, without all the unnecessary math.

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The easy-to-clean one

ACCUWEIGHT Digital Kitchen Scales – wipe it down easy

This slimline beauty takes up barely any space and doesn't have any annoying cracks for dirt to hide

3: Cusibox Scale

To put it simply, the Cusibox Stainless Scale offers everything you need in a kitchen scale. The product is capable of weighing really accurately, even in milligrams. That is quite helpful when preparing for your weekend Indian night where the accuracy of the scale will come in handy when weighing the spices for your Vindaloo. The scale can also take the weight of up to 10kg, which is handy if you're weighing pets.

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The multi-purpose one

cusibox stainless scale – for when you need milligrams

Erm… these are definitely for food, yeah?

4: Camry Digital Kitchen Scales

This digital food scale features a slim and sleek design and is lightweight at just 385g. This makes it convenient to handle and store in a cabinet or hang on a wall. The food scale uses modern high-precision strain gauge sensor technology to ensure quick sensing and accurate measurement for the fast-paced chef. Its main USP though is that it looks pretty cute and can blend well with the surroundings without looking awkward. It also comes with a handy vegetable peeler.

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the cute one

Camry Kitchen Scales – weigh too sleek for us

These scales don't weigh much in themselves, and they look cute too.

5: Accuweight multifunctional electronic scales

Sleek, slim and not too large – but flat enough so you could easily sit a pan on it while weighing some pasta out. The easy-to-read digital display features large numbers so you don’t have to struggle to see the measurements, and the scale measures in 0.1oz/1g increments for exceptional accuracy, perfect for that soap-making hobby you’ve taken up during quarantine! You will struggle to find anything any cheaper, more stylish or as precise as these scales.

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the precise one

ACCUWEIGHT Digital Kitchen Scales – the sniper of scales

Get your measurements spot on with this one. The maker is called Accuweight, for Pete's sake.

6: Salter premium mechanical kitchen scale

The digital scale is newer, and we should always go with the new technology, right? Well, in reality, it is a question of personal preference. And let’s face it, traditional designs never fail to look good. Enjoy the perfect combination of tradition and ease with the Salter Cube Mechanical Kitchen Scale.

Its purpose in life is giving you precise measurements with a classic design whilst sitting beautifully on your kitchen counter. It features a clock-like display with a white dial that accurately shows measurements in both metric and imperial units. The bowl can easily be removed to make your washing up easier. At the same time, if you’re short on space, this mechanical kitchen scale can also fit inside the measuring bowl once you’re finished baking your delicious treats, making it easy to store away when not in use.

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The mechanical one

Salter Cube Mechanical Kitchen Scale – a bit of retro style

This is a lovely great lump of pure retro – but it does exactly the same job as all the other scales

7: Ozeri Pronto Digital Kitchen Scale

The Ozeri Pronto is built with the latest generation sensor technology to ensure an accurate and immediate response for all you fast-paced chefs and features an enlarged weighing platform to accommodate larger bowls. The Pronto also doubles as a postage machine for your mail or a scale for your children's science projects. The scale looks good in black and chrome, takes up hardly any space and is easy to store in a drawer, even a shallow one.

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the multi-talented one

Ozeri Pronto Digital Multifunction scale – for large bowls

Use it for food, use it to weigh your cat – we won't tell.

8: KitchenCraft Living Nostalgia Mechanical Kitchen Scales

Want your kitchen to remind you of a time when things were designed to be beautiful and functional? These nostalgic mechanical kitchen scales by KitchenCraft feature an enamelled vintage colour casing and brushed silver detailing. The simple metric and imperial dials add an elegant touch to your traditionally inspired kitchen. Overall, these scales are easy to use, easy to keep clean, with the added bonus of no batteries running out just when you need them.

Buy now at Amazon UK.

cook like your granny

KitchenCraft Living Nostalgia Mechanical Kitchen Scales

Pretend it's the 1930s with this delightfully retro set of scales. Bet they'll last forever.

9: Lendoo digital kitchen scale with USB charger

If you’re a fan of technology and want to bring your weighing scales up to date with all of your other gadgets, the Lendoo digital kitchen scale allows you to charge it up using a USB connection. No more annoying your family by stealing the batteries out of your TV remote to weigh your cake mixture. Thank us later.

Buy now at Amazon UK.


Digital Kitchen Scale with USB ChargER – never miss a weigh

This one will let you charge it through a USB connection – handy!

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