We're Lovin' it! UK's most popular drive-thrus revealed

Drive-thrus have skyrocketed since the UK has been in its third national lockdown

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The Drive-thru has always been favoured among busy Brits who are going to and from work or doing long trips up and down the country. It is rare for a family to go on a long trip and not stop at one.

These have become increasingly popular as the UK entered its third national lockdown in January due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

A study by the Pentagon Motor Group has revealed the UK's most popular drive-thrus and we bet you can guess which is at the top. The list goes as follows:

1. McDonald’s

2. Costa

3. Starbucks

4. KFC

5. Burger King

6. Krispy Kreme

7. Greggs

8. Taco Bell

9. Subway

10. Tim Hortons

It will come as no surprise to you that McDonald's is at number one on this list. It is most people's go-to due to its prices and fast service. And you may also be interested to know that the single most popular drive-thru in the whole country was McDonald's in Watford. Let's leave it at that.

Following McDonald's is Costa and Starbucks which is no surprise either as commuters across the country have been going there for a quick coffee or croissant during these testing times.

Jonathan Lingham, Marketing Director at Pentagon Motor Group said: “With dine-in cafes and restaurants still closed, drive-thrus have gone beyond being a convenience and a comfort to become a lifeline for fast food fans and coffee lovers across the country. With that in mind, and to settle an internal debate that has been raging since the latest lockdown started, we were intrigued to find out whether Maccy D’s is still the nations favourite.

We also salute Watford as the new drive-thru capital of the UK – fast food, coffee and cars is clearly a dream combination for them and we look forward to taking a drive down there to check out the best drive-thru hotspots when we’re allowed to again!”

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  • McDonald's is my shameful favorite.

      1 month ago
  • and water is wet

      1 month ago