We're not sure how to feel about this Maryland Cookie x Jammie Dodgers biscuit

Do they tickle your fancy?

1w ago

Maryland cookies and Jammie Dodgers are great to enjoy separately, but we're not sure about this new biscuit that combines them both.

They have been named ‘Ooh How Jammie' and they are essentially made from raspberry cookie dough with Maryland chocolate chips and raspberry pieces in them.

Kate Needham, Burton’s Biscuit Co-Marketing Director, said these cookies are "packed with the kookiness of Maryland and the cheeky mischief of Jammie Dodgers."

They're the kind of biscuit that you either love or hate, a bit like 'Nice' biscuits – you know, the ones that are dusted in sugary coconut? Those are a bit like Marmite.

If you're wanting to try out this new biscuit from Burton's, then make sure to head to any Asda store while it's in its three-month exclusive rollout phase, before a wider retail launch in 2022.

Would you give these a go?

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Comments (2)

  • No, but I'd eat a jammy dodger them a Maryland 🍪

      12 days ago
  • Love this idea but it's not a Jammie Dodger, if there isn't a hole with jam in it, it is just a cool cookie ....

      12 days ago