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We've had meat, cheese, hot chocolate... now meet the pancake charcuterie board

The next best thing to elevate your breakfast game - from a chore into a treat

6w ago

If you've been on social media in the last three years, it's likely that you would have, at some point, come across a charcuterie board - an intricately arranged, elaborate and usually colourful board of cheese wheels and wedges, segments of chopped and whole fruit, slices of cold-cut deli and cured meats, along with pieces of sourdough bread or waterthin crackers - made for grazing... and of course, for the aesthetic appeal.

Over time, charcuterie boards have evolved to accomodate all sorts of different themes, from savoury choices like cheeses, pickles and spreads, toasted breads and meat, to sweeter options, to the likes of fresh fruit, nuts and dried fruit, or even more recently, hot chocolate.

Now, pancake charcuterie boards have taken the spotlight on Instagram and Twitter under the hashtag #pancakeboard, as the perfect showpiece on the breakfast or brunch table.

The best part about charcuterie boards is that they can be decorated and embellished in any way that you please.

Whether it be with stacks of chocolate-chip or blueberry pancakes, sliced bananas or quartered strawberries, cubes of butter or dollops of ricotta, lashings of nutella or maple syrup, bits of bacon or egg - the options are endless, so let your imagination go wild!

Plus, Twitter and Instagram are filled with thousands of pictures of creative and unique #pancakeboards, so you'll never be short of inspiration.

Do you think you'll be making a pancake charcuterie board at your next brunch?

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  • Oh dear lord...lol

    It would be a great display if you are having friends over for brunch.

      1 month ago