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    What are America's favorite ice cream flavors?

    Multiple ice cream firms were asked to choose their most popular creations.

    18w ago


    It is an indisputable fact that lemon is the tastiest and happiest version of ice cream, closely followed by bubblegum and mint chocolate chip. Strawberry is definitely the worst (that’s not up for debate – it’s been scientifically proven. Probably).

    However, in celebration of July being National Ice Cream Month (as decreed in 1984 by President Ronald Reagan), several famous ice cream brands have unveiled their top choice of frozen dairy perfections.


    Mark Morgan via Flickr and creativecommons.org

    Mark Morgan via Flickr and creativecommons.org

    It may not be particularly significant to learn that Häagen-Dazs’s flavor of choice was the traditional Cookies and Cream – although it is very deserving of its top spot. Cookies and Cream triumphed over its counterparts of Belgian Chocolate, plain old Chocolate, Dulce de Leche (basically a posh way of saying caramel) and vanilla Vanilla.


    Breyers believed that its Natural Vanilla is the tasty treat that its customers love most, even though it’s possibly the most boring thing ever to be invented. Things do at least improve going down the list, with Chocolate, Neapolitan, Oreo, Mint Chocolate Chip, Butter Pecan and Natural Strawberry all making the grade.

    Turkey Hill Dairy

    Famartin via Wikimedia.org and creativecommons.org

    Famartin via Wikimedia.org and creativecommons.org

    Cookies and Cream once again scored highly, but was annihilated by Vanilla Bean which lead the pack. The company, which manufactured thirty million gallons of ice cream in 2019, also ranked Homemade Vanilla, Chocolate Mint Chip and Butter Pecan amongst its bestsellers (I’m beginning to see a trend here).

    Blue Bell Creameries

    Blue Bell was coy over revealing an ultimate creamy favorite, but did concede that its superior sellers included – you guessed it – Cookies ‘n Cream, Homemade Vanilla, Cookie Two step (essentially Oreo), Dutch Chocolate and Great Divide (a combination of vanilla and chocolate).

    Clearly, this list reveals that America needs to get far more adventurous with its ice cream flavors; start setting fire to ice cream and see what happens then!

    Ah, actually… it’s all melted. Maybe vanilla isn’t so bad after all.

    Show off your go-to ice cream in the comments…

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