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W​hat are Bonito flakes?

U​ntil recently they were a mystery to me, here's what I found

2y ago

B​onito flakes are widely popular in Japan, their birthplace. What are they and how are they made? I discovered what makes these little things so special.

'​Bonito Flakes' are a version of the Japanese delicacy called 'Katsuobushi' which is described as dried, fermented, smoked skipjack tuna. The main difference between the two is the price: due to skipjack tuna's high cost, Bonito flakes are a cheaper alternative as they use bonito fish instead. Both options are regularly used in the widely popular traditional cuisine of 'dash' in Japan.

B​onito flakes are created in a seven step process:

.Cut the fish

.Place the fish in a boiling basket (Nikago)

.Boil the fish for two hours

.Remove the fish bones

.Smoke the fish (repeated 10-15 times)

.Dry the fish

.Shave the fish to create those famous flakes

S​ource: Flickr

S​ource: Flickr

Do you cook with bonito flakes? What do you make?

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