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1y ago

What is the best food video to watch this week?

First on the list is the from the BBQpitboys. This week they are grilling a beef and bacon bagel burger and I've learned something new. Do you put a dimple in the top of your burger before grilling? I've got the video all queued up to give you the answer.

So let's talk about Mukbang. Admittedly I've never heard of these communities before but I probably could host one. Often it's a single person consuming an enormous amount of food. One particular mukbang YouTuber by the name of Kate Yup has drawn some unique attention this week. She wears a mask in her videos which has led some to believe that she is being held hostage. This week the channel Explore With Us has followed and debunked the Kate Yup hostage story. Did I mention it's a crazy world out there?

At half a million views in a day, the Tasty channel has racked up a crazy hit by trying to make mundane food tasty. This week the challenge is Make Canned Chef Boyardee beef ravioli taste good. Let me know if you believe this can actually be done...

If you're looking for a video to satisfy your sweet tooth, here are 10 quick chocolate cake decorating ideas. Yep, I dare you to stop watching this one from Amazing Cookies.

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  • I was beginning to wonder how many questions was going to be on this quiz/post...lol

      1 year ago
  • I'm watching " Social Distancing, 1950s US Interstate Highway Construction edition. " youtu.be/wnrqUHF5bH8

      1 year ago