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What are the top foodie trends of 2020?

Are they actually tasty foods?

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Every single year, new food trends appear. Over the past few years we've seen edible flowers, overly-fancy teas and unicorn... everything. This made me wonder what weird and wonderful food trends we have in 2020, aka, the strangest year of them all.

After some research, I found five trends which seem to be big at the moment. Not just in the UK, but worldwide.

Plant-based foods

Photo by Mariana Montes de Oca on Unsplash

Photo by Mariana Montes de Oca on Unsplash

The world of Acai bowls and plant-based foods are on the rise. Veganism has taken a real step forwards in the last few years, but 2020 is where it has seen a big increase in supporters. Most, if not all shops you visit offer a substantial range of plant-based burgers, pizzas, sausages and other similar products. They are getting so good now, you often don't even notice the difference.


Photo by Bon Appetit

Photo by Bon Appetit

Apparently squid-ink is becoming very popular among foodies this year. You may have heard of squid-ink pasta, but there are so many other foods which have it too: burger buns, pizza, risotto, tacos, and even cookies and ice cream with squid ink.

There are rumoured benefits about squid-ink that says it acts as an anti-oxidant and may help fight cancer, but this hasn't yet been proven. There's certainly no harm in giving it a try.

Alcohol-free beverages

Alcohol-free or low alcoholic drinks are becoming ever so popular. Whether it is for health reasons or the ability to keep a clear head while drinking, many people are trying it.

There are so many different alternatives and different types. For example, you can get alcohol-free rum, gin, beer or wine. It's a trend which is taking the world by storm.

Asian cuisine

Photo by Jakub Kapusnak on Unsplash

Photo by Jakub Kapusnak on Unsplash

Asian food is said to be on the rise this year. While Asia is of course a huge content with incredibly diverse food, there's been a rise in dishes from places such as Vietnam, Japan and the Philippines. Some of the dishes include: Pho and banh mi sandwiches from Vietnam, Japanese Udon and Korean Kimchi as well as Filipino Barbecue and Filipino desserts.

Dalgona coffee

If you are on Instagram, I'm sure you will recognise the above picture. This is called a Dalgona aka, whipped coffee. Every single 'influencer' seems to have tried it.

So, there you have it. These are some of the top foodie trends of this year so far. Yes, I am aware two of the five trends were drinks but that just proves how much people more people are paying attention to fancy drinks.

If we keep going at this rate, I'm sure we will only see more plant-based foods spring up. In fact, I hope we do as it's a very good thing.

What are some other food trends that you like in 2020?

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  • Don't know if this counts as a food trend, but restaurants and chains releasing their "secret" recipes to home cooks has received a lot of attention in this wild year we're having.

      1 year ago
  • Squid ink pasta πŸ‘πŸΌ! I

      1 year ago