What are you cooking while in quarantine?

42w ago

I'm not made to stay locked up at home – and while my friends are doing exercise, housework and cooking like they are in Masterchef during self-isolation, I've become lazier and lazier with the passing of the days. I need some culinary inspiration – and I'm sure you all are using this time to cook delicious food. So? Head to the comments and tell me what you're cooking!

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  • How about entering the danger zone? 😊 Try cooking something non-Italian! Or are you afraid of Italian grandmothers chasing you through the streets of Rome? πŸ˜‚

      9 months ago
  • On the menu this week is homemade beef stew. Lots of veggies and nutrients to keep going!

      9 months ago
  • Blackened salmon

      9 months ago
  • hot dry noodles

      9 months ago
  • French toast

      9 months ago