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Let’s face it, your leftover curry deserves a good microwave. This countertop wonder, whose origins date back to the 1940s, is one of the most frequently used appliances in your kitchen, so don’t underestimate the importance of finding a reliable one to nuke your dinner.

While it’s more important than ever to eat as fresh as we can, cooking from scratch isn’t always possible. You may be busy working from home and find the day has run away from you. Whether you want to blitz a ready meal, make a quick snack or simply need a more efficient way to cook, a microwave can help. FoodTribes has put together a list of the best microwaves on the market.

1: Toshiba 20-litre Microwave

This 20-litre microwave combi microwave from Toshiba ticks a crucial box that seems oddly to elude most other microwaves in 2020: it’s easy to operate. Its usability is thanks in part to its clearly-marked dials and its handy auto menus for optimum heating of eight popular foods like pizza, potatoes, vegetable and more. And seeing as you’re not a fan of the all-singing, all-dancing advanced features of today's microwave offerings, this simple microwave also offers a mute button to ensure a quiet operation.

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could it be any easier to use?

Toshiba Microwave Oven MW2-AM20PF – an 800w big boy

Goodness. It's a sharp looking beast isn't it? It's easy to use as well. Bosh.

2: Russell Hobbs solo microwave

The Russell Hobbs RHM2076B black microwave is a solo model with 800W power, 20-litre capacity and a stylish mirrored door. It’s also one of the most popular solo microwaves on many shopping sites, including Amazon, which has chosen the lucky bugger as its ‘Amazon’s Choice’ out of all the other microwaves on the site. Its mirrored door gives it an extra aura of quality that you don’t find on many other machines in this price bracket, although the door is susceptible to fingerprints if not cleaned regularly. As you would expect from an 800W microwave, the model cooks relatively quickly, perfect for those big family Sunday roasts.

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the highly rated one

Russell Hobbs RHM2076B 20L – it scores incredibly well

The internet loves this one. Can you love a microwave? Do they have feelings? Tell us.

3: Panasonic solo inverter microwave oven

If cleaning your microwave is one of those tasks you’re constantly putting off (aren’t we all) then the Panasonic NN-SD27HSBPQ offers a timesaving (and lifesaving) function in the form of a one-touch Aquaclean button that Panasonic says will help to loosen dirt and whisk away odours. If this sounds a bit too good to be true, let us explain. All you need to do is place a cup of water with lemon juice in the microwave and press the Aqua Clean button. The water will boil and the steam produced will deodorise and clean the interior without needing to use cleaning products. Can we have this function for our oven too please, Panasonic?

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the self-cleaning one

Panasonic NN-SD25HBBPQ Microwave with Turntable – sexy

Put away those elbows and your grease – this one will clean itself. Sort of.

4: Russell Hobbs Heritage Digital 800w Solo Microwave

Want your microwave to complement that red American diner-style kitchen you’ve always dreamed of? The Russell Hobbs Heritage microwave oven is designed to follow modern design trends, with an exterior that’s packed with curves and a bright, bold red colour scheme. But there's more to this Russell Hobbs RHM2064R than just good looks. It's a 20-litre microwave, with a power rating of 800W and 5 different cooking levels. It also has auto cooking menus, weight defrost option and a maximum timer of 95 minutes, making it an excellent choice for its price range.

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hello good looking

Russell Hobbs RHM2064R Heritage Digital – it's red!

This one actually looks pretty stylish. Can microwaves be stylish? We reckon.

5: Sharp digital 800W Microwave Oven with 1000W Grill

The Sharp YC-MG02U-S 800W digital touch control microwave and 1000W grill offers a contemporary look with a fancy-looking LED screen. The 1000W grill allows you to either grill and microwave or just microwave and with a 20-litre capacity, it can easily hold a standard sized dinner plate. It also comes with a removable glass turntable that is dishwasher safe to save you the job we all love to hate.

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this one has a grill

Sharp YC-MG02U-B digital 800W Microwave – it has a grill!

Grill your things to your heart's content with this absolute unit of a microwave.

6: Russell Hobbs Copper Digital Microwave

We think this trendy compact 800W microwave is a bit like marmite; you’re either going to love it or hate it. Either way, the single colour choice of copper makes it really stand out. At under £80, it’s not too pricey either and is simple to use. In addition, the compact size makes it ideal for people with limited space, but importantly it can still fit a standard-sized dinner plate inside.

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this one is basically jewellery

Russell Hobbs RHMD804CP Copper Microwave – look at it!

This is the vajazzle of the microwave world. No one asked for it, but we're glad it exists.

7: Daewoo microwave oven

Why should every microwave have to look the same? The Daewoo KOR8A9RR Microwave Oven in cream doesn’t really look like your standard microwave, but its colour and unique styling was chosen by the company to reflect and match the widely available range of kettles, toasters, ovens and coffee machines that are available on the market today.

And it’s not just a pretty face - it includes all the features that you need for everyday use such as five power levels auto cook programmes and one-touch cook menus auto defrost clock and a child safety lock all wrapped up in an easy to use design. It’s also up there with some of the highest customer-rated microwaves on Amazon.

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unique like a snowflake

Daewoo KOR8A9RCR Retro Design Microwave – it's retro modern

Daewoo has proven that not all microwaves have to look the same. Nice.

8: Panasonic Solo Microwave Oven with turntable

You wouldn’t be wrong to expect a microwave to be able to defrost and heat up your food, and the Panasonic Solo Microwave does exactly that, but it also has a couple of really cool features up its sleeve. It has six main functions for cooking including medium or high cook, low simmer, defrost warm and a funky function called chaos defrost. As you guessed, chaos defrost is a much quicker way of defrosting your food using random sequences of energy to speed up the defrost process. Quick, easy and reliable, especially when you have hungry kids wanting their dinner.

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Panasonic NN-SD25HBBPQ Microwave – BRING THE CHAOS

Apparently you want to use chaotic energy pulses to defrost food. Who knew?

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