What did Donald Trump eat in India?

He is going to eat bigly...

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Donald Trump, president of the United States is on an official state visit to India to discuss one of the biggest trade deals, defence deals and to visit the Incredible Taj Mahal.

While he is here, he is going to be served some epic Indian food. Are you interested in what (arguably...) the most powerful man on Earth will eat while he is in the world's biggest democracy? Well, read ahead.

Generally, during his foreign visits, hosts make Trump feel comfortable by serving him his favourite dishes – Beef, Cheeseburgers, Steak etc. However, India traditionally being a vegetarian country, he was served pure vegetarian food for his arrival in Gujarat. It is said that Gujarati people are renowned for their hospitality as well as for their delicious food.

A sweet taste is found in majority of Gujarati dishes, which make it different from other Indian cuisines.

Renowned chef Suresh Khanna, head chef at the Fortune Landmark Hotel in Ahmedabad was assigned the responsibility of preparing the appetizers for President Trump. He made Khaman, which is a type of steamed cake prepared from marinated and freshly ground pigeon pea (Chana Dal). It is then garnished with tempered mustard seeds and served with green chillies and green chutney.

Another fusion dish he made was Broccoli Samosa, which is a fried or baked pastry filled with broccoli.

Along with these dishes, he was served many dishes made with Besan (Gram Flour) like Khandvi, Gathia, Tam Tam Khaman, Nylon Khaman, and Bhajiya.

Tam Tam Khaman is spicy. Khandvi is a snack which is a tightly rolled cylinder-shaped made of yoghurt and gram flour. Gathia is a deep-fried Gujarati snack made up of chickpea flour. Bhajiya is another name for Pakoras, which is a deep-fried Indian subcontinent snack made of chickpea flour.

During his stay in New Delhi, the President will stay at ITC Maurya which also houses the globally famous Indian restaurant Bukhara, known for its Mughlai Cuisine and North Indian cuisine. Continuing the tradition, President Trump will be served a platter named after him, i.e. Trump Platter. The Platter will include its signature Dal Bukhara. Dal Bukhara is a type of Dal Makhni but the only difference is that it is cooked for 24 hours) and many Tandoori Dishes.

The state visit of President Trump will end at Rashtrapati Bhawan with a Grand Dinner which will be hosted by India’s President. It will start with appetizers being served to dignitaries which will include Aloo Tikki (Potato Cutlet) served with Spinach Papdi, Salmon Fish Tikka and Lemon Coriander soup.

These appetizers will be followed by Dum Guchchi Matar (wild morel Mushrooms cooked with peas) and Dal Raisina. This is a dal created by the former Indian President’s chef, made with Urad Dal, Rajma, and Kasuri Methi, a variation of Dal Makhni). The name of Raisina Dal is derived from the name of Raisina Hills on which Presidential palace stands.

Dessert will include Hazelnut, Apple and Vanilla ice cream and Malpua with Rabdi (a sort of fried Pancake soaked in Sugar syrup and served with Rabdi).

So if you are already drooling, plan a visit to India soon and try all these dishes!

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