What did you drink over the weekend?

Party Animal or curled up in bed?

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The weekend in the Middle East is on Friday and Saturday. Sunday is the first day of the week, so our first working day. Our party scene jam is Thursday and Friday night. While the rest of the world parties away on Saturday night, we are preparing to take on the week ahead.

Now there used to be a time where I would be on the guest list of every club/bar/lounge in the city. Now I am oblivious to when they come and go.

However, I do enjoy my alcohol and do enjoy it in the right mix of friends, music and social situations.

Previous Friday, I had to attend two parties. Brunch and dinner. Both places filled with drinkers like there is no tomorrow.

Gathering one

Starts at roughly around 2 pm. I start the party hard with a Glenfiddich 12 years old. FYI I sometimes add a slice of lime, lemon or orange in my whisky to open it up. What are your thoughts about this? However, it felt too early for whisky, so I power through it and moved onto drink number two: beer. They only had regular Budweiser, and I stuck to that until 6 pm. My wife, who barely drinks, had a Kalla Katha cocktail. Now this a whole different type of cocktail and I will get into details in another article.

Our dinner starts at 9 pm. I am pretty mellow and sleepy by now, so before heading to this gathering, I have a cup of chai.

Gathering two

For the rest of the night, I stick to whisky. Now my friend whose house we had gone too does not drink alcohol. However, he had the basics to serve us, which was Glenlivet 12 years. After maybe 2-3 drinks, I turn to green tea as my alcohol quota for the day is over.

At 1:30 am the night as per us is still young; however, I consider us to be boomers even though I am a millennial. We shift to coffee at our local Tim Horton's. I had a regular cappuccino. I would have loved for it to be decaf, but I like to think the caffeine helped get rid of the alcohol I was hoarding all day long.

So how was your weekend? What did you do? Did you go to the local hotspot or just your tavern around the corner or did you stay at home and catch up on your favourite Netflix cooking show? Let me know in the comments.

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  • Wine weekend here..

      1 year ago
  • Plus drinking at home means less chance of eating something you'll regret or going missing 😂

      1 year ago
  • Friday night was a bottle of rum with cola and Saturday was a bottle of whiskey with cola. I drink at home because being as tall and broad as I am, it takes a lot to get me drunk. Most weekends I usually drink on the Saturday night

      1 year ago
    • I completely relate to you. I usually drink at home as well. I have expensive taste and drinking out become crazy expensive

        1 year ago
  • White Freezie. 1 oz Raspberry Sourz, 1 oz banana liqueur, top with 7Up.

      1 year ago
  • Thandai 😬

      1 year ago