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W​hat diet is the most effective for you?

Select your answers in order of preference.

    • K​eto/Atkins Diet
    • 5​:2/intermittent fasting
    • P​aleo/Cavemen Diet
    • A​lkaline Diet
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    • I have no idea. I just embrace the dad bod 🤷‍♂️

        1 year ago
    • Must be really starting to show that I need a diet :-(

        1 year ago
    • I’ve tried both keto and intermittent fasting and when you do them right they really work. I stopped the keto as it didn’t leave me with much energy and I stopped intermittent fasting cos I like breakfast...

        1 year ago
      • I'm going to do kept again before christmas. Not to lose weight just to see if it suits me! Hope it works haha

          1 year ago
      • Make sure to do all the research to get it bang on! It can be bad for you otherwise

          1 year ago
    • There's only one "diet" that 99% of people need to use: eat less calories than you burn. Everything else for the 99% is just bullshit.

        1 year ago
      • Agreed, but as a health nut some work better for people’s digestion etc. By ‘diet’ it’s about you’re day to day, not just losing weight

          1 year ago
      • You're right that "diet" means your habitual food consumption. My problem with the whole diet (and media!) industry is that diets are never marketed as "this is only useful if you have x digestion requirement". And the fact they...

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          1 year ago
    • One of my uncles, who is about 77, and who lives in Smallville, Australia, still has sound ab, and lower back strength.

      He gets up early, shuffles to the kitchen, puts the kettle on, puts a teabag in a cup, waits until it boils, makes a cup of tea, and puts a slice of bread in the toaster.

      He shuffles through the house, with his cup of tea, and watches the sun rising across the road, over an old lawn tennis court.

      He hears the toast popping up in the toaster, and shuffles back to the kitchen, where he retrieves the hot toast, gently adds a tiny scrape of no-name brand margarine, and an even thinner scraping of jam, and then cuts the slice of toast in half with the very old faux plastic ivory butter knife, you know the ones that always go a bit yellow with age.

      He shuffles through the house, nibbling on his toast, and sipping his tea, which he usually leaves sitting somewhere, sort of 1/3 eaten, and 1/2 drunk, respectively, to be found later, perhaps at morning tea.

      It goes without saying, that his new favourite word is " Prosaic "

      Or maybe it were Prozac.

      I'm a bit deaf, so I'm not sure what he said exactly.

      He used to walk or cycle around to the shire council workshops, but now he drives.

      I'm not sure, I guess he's retired now.

      He was a very keen squash player, and once beat the world champion, Rod Eyles, in a game of squash .

      Ok , Rod was only 14 at the time, but, that's a bit impressive.

      Last I heard he was still jogging to the gym , about 300 yards away , to do about 25 min of slow weight training.

      He usually has a cup of tea, usually left unfinished, for morning tea, with about 1/4 of a packet of 2 min noodles, and a spoonful of left over veg curry, maybe with a few morsels of chook.

      For lunch, he'll have a cup of tea, a glass of water, and another small bowl of noodle veg soup.

      For afternoon tea, he has tea, and a nibble on a bit of fruit cake.

      For dinner he'll often pick up a fish and salad burger from the local takeaway shop, or maybe fish n chips.

      Then he will make another cup of tea,

      or maybe a pot of tea,

      He'll stand , feet shoulder width apart, in front of the tv, watching the tennis, footy, cricket, or motor racing, for a bit, doing isometric ab work, and quad flexing.

      By about 9 he's ZzzzZzzzzzzing.

        1 year ago