What do vegan sweets taste like?

We take a look at why some sweets aren’t vegan or vegetarian, and try some vegan sweets in the office

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It’s World Vegan Month in November. If you’ve been considering going vegan, you might have been wondering what you can and can’t eat, and if you’ll have to give up anything you enjoy.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you might be worried about whether you’ll still be able to get your fix of gummy bears. Most gummy bears contain gelatin, which isn’t vegetarian or vegan. Gelatin is a see-through, colourless, flavourless food ingredient which is derived from collagen taken from animal body parts.

However, there are sweets out there now that are both vegetarian and vegan...

Just WholeFoods vegan sweets taste test

Earlier this week I left a bowl of Just WholeFoods Vegebears, Slightly Sour Vegebears and Frooty Fruits around the office. I asked people what they thought of them, and if they knew they were vegan. Here's what the FoodTribe team made of them.

Tim Fullbrook, social media executive: “They’re like the full-fat country butter compared to margarine – probably not a good comparison for a vegan sweet. They’re really nice. Not too chewy, nice and soft, a pleasant experience. They’ve got more flavour than normal sweets too… really fruity.”

Michael Haffenden, social content editor: “It was like eating normal sweets, but without the guilt. I also like the packaging, it’s nice and bright and looks healthy too.”

Rob Burnett, F1 editor: “I would not have known the difference. I had no idea they were vegan.”

Tim Rodie, head of content and community: “The sugar-coated ones are nice. I could finish a whole bag… My brain was a bit confused by the Vegebears, because I was expecting more of a bite, but the texture wasn’t unpleasant.”

Rachael Hogg, editor of FoodTribe: “The Vegebears are my favourite. I wouldn’t know any of them were vegan. They have the texture of Jelly Babies rather than something like Haribo.”

Dylan Murphy, COO: “I like the sugar-coated ones, but they are very sugary.”

Jenny Vaughan, freelance production editor: “I really like the flavour of them. They have the texture of old fashioned sweets, and as they’re less chewy than non-vegan sweets, they don’t feel like they’re bad for my teeth.”

Mike Fernie, head of video: “They taste like Haribo, but have the consistency of a Jelly Baby… you can definitely taste the natural flavours.”

Not one of the people who tried the sweets knew or could tell they were vegan. So if you’re looking to go vegan, but the thought of having to give up your delicious gummy bears was stopping you, hopefully you know there are options out there for you.

Try some for yourself at Just WholeFoods.

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  • I LOVE these,so delicious,such a treat!,you have reminded me to pop down to my local health food shop,and buy a case....🤤😉XX

      2 years ago
  • I really liked the sugar coated ones. Do we have any left?

      2 years ago