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    What do you eat for your main meal on Christmas Day?
    • Turkey, of course
    • Beef and only beef
    • A Christmas ham
    • Nut roast
    • KFC
    • Terry's Chocolate Orange and nothing else (maybe a Selection Box too)
    • Mulled wine from 9am
    • Chicken
    • Tofurkey
    • Something else – I'll see you in the comments

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    • We do Christmas breakfast with my husband's parents and grandma. Usually a big spread of breakfast foods that usually includes eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, bisciuts and gravy.

        11 months ago
      • This sounds great! My parents used to own a restaurant, and I think dad misses cooking for a crowd on Christmas Day, so we now invite about 30 people round for bacon butties and Prosecco in the morning. It's a really lovely start to the day!...

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          11 months ago
      • Nice! We have friends this year and they are wanting to get together at dinner time. Don't know yet what kind of food or tradition it may bring but we shall see.

          11 months ago
    • We usually have delicious ham for Christmas, but turkey has also been on the list.

        11 months ago
    • Canard a l'orange

        11 months ago
    • Soup, then the cheapest shop bought Mac and cheese available with a separate plate of roast spuds and gravy (my parents and all who observe this absolutely disparity but I love it and won’t cave in!), then a selection of about 6 deserts because my Mum seems to think there are about 40 of us, then cheeses

      Later, many chocolates. Usually a fair old weight of Caramac which I love and get gifted all the time

        11 months ago
    • It used to be like this:

      Nibbles: Chips, cheese and crackers, with wine

      Entree: Prawn cocktails

      Main: Smoked ham, roast pork, beef, and chicken with potato bakes and other divers complementary dishes, with wine

      Dessert: Pavlova

      This year there'll be no prawn cocktails and it's BYO wine. Christmas is under new management.

        11 months ago