What do you feed your cat?

Here's what Ginger eats in a day (that we know of)

Ben Welham posted in Pets
37w ago

We have had cats on and off for the past 13 years or so now. Over this time this has included three cats. Cinders, Ginger and Charlie. Cinders is unfortunately no longer with us but the other two chonkers are.

All three cats (who never met) had very different diets. Cinders would eat normal food such as Whiskers because she wasn't very fussy. Ginger on the other hand will only eat Applaws cat food and will turn her nose up at everything else except Dreamies. Yes, she is spoilt. And Charlie will eat literally anything you put in front of him, when he's around.

On a typical day, Ginger will wake up at around 5:30 am and demand dreamies. We ignore her and wait until 7am or 8am until she is allowed any. She will then be given a small amount (depending on how generous I'm feeling) and that will do her until dinner time. However, she often meows at each member of the household as we wake up and assume she hasn't already been fed by the others. This means that sometime she will end up with three breakfasts. This is bad and she is naughty.

Ginger also has access to a bowl of biscuits throughout the day that she will graze on before dinner. Now, dinner consists of a tin of Applaws cat food. She only likes the fish ones so that's what she is given. Charlie eats the chicken ones.

The fish ones range from tuna fillet with prawn, tuna fillet with crab or my least favourite, sardine with mackerel. I don't mean least favourite to eat, I mean the smell is awful but she loves the stuff.

So, that is pretty much all she eats a day. Dreamies, dry biscuits and soft food in the evening. But as we found out recently, she has been feasting at other households so god knows how much she is actually eating! You can buy her cat food by clicking here.

I would be very interested to hear what your cat eats in a day and how it differs from mine!

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  • Now come on Ben, don’t pretend you haven’t tried these yourself (I seemed to remember betting you £10 you wouldn’t eat cat biscuits and I lost £10!). So,which one is your favourite?

      8 months ago
    • Oh no! I forgot about that! I do like the tuna dreamie...

        8 months ago
  • My cat eats twice a day he eats Kirkland food chicken and rice and can food from time to time 😆

      8 months ago
  • Omg

      8 months ago
  • Sounds delicious.

      8 months ago
  • My little mog is an greedy beggar who doesn't know when enough is enough so she has to get 4 small meals a day to prevent her scoffing masses of food and vomiting it straight back up. The joys!

    She has special small 50g sachets of food and, with 2 of her 4 helpings, she gets a little scattering of dreamies. She likes any flavour except lamb. When my parents have dinner she gets a chew stick which is torn up and thrown about for her to chase and then at 10pm (how do they seem to know exactly what the time is?!) she gets a lik-e-lix which is like a little meaty disgusting yoghurt!

      8 months ago