What does Arnold Schwarzenegger eat in a day?

7,000 calories is quite a lot!

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If you don't know who Arnold Schwarzenegger is, then you need to take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror. He was Mr. Olympia back in his day and even now at age 72 is a very strong man. Back when he was training a lot heavier he would eat over 7,000 calories a day which is around 5,000 more than the average male would eat.

His daily diet would consist of, 4 eggs, 3 sausages and 2 rashers of bacon for his first meal. His second meal would be a hearty protein shake, two cups of oats and 3 ounces of cashew nuts. For his third meal he would have some grilled turkey, brown rice and a large salad. For his fourth meal he would have a protein shake and some more cashew nuts. For his fifth meal he would have another meat and carb meal. For his sixth he would have 2 cups of cottage cheese and another protein shake. For his last meal of the day (but only on a cheat day) he would have himself a pizza.

Here is BeardMeatsFood taking on this massive daily diet challenge:

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  • Hello little boy, was the words that Arnold said to me as a child when we meet in the 1970s while he was based in Forest Gate, East London.

      1 year ago