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What food companies do you trust the most?

Hershey, Cheerios and M&Ms are among the most trusted brands in America

2y ago

Do you trust new food brands? Or are you more likely to go with a company that’s been around for ages?

Five food brands have made the cut in a new list of the most trusted brands in the US. The list was released by technology company Morning Consult, and is the largest of its kind.

Hershey was the seventh most trusted brand overall. Cheerios came in at number nine, followed by M&Ms in 10th place.

Heinz Ketchup and Campbell Soup tied for the 21st place.

The list was created through 16,700 interviews - covering almost 2,000 brands. Survey respondents were asked: “How much do you trust each brand to do what is right?”

Previous studies have found that adults in the US are more likely to trust brands that have been around for a long time.

But this new survey actually found that younger customers tend to be more skeptical of older, ‘legacy’ companies.

Food Dive analysed the list by age group. It found: “Hershey and Cheerios placed in the top five for Baby Boomers, while just Hershey was in the top five list for Generation X. No food brands made the top five most trusted brands list for millennials or Generation Z.”

Morning Consult also compiled a list of the Fastest Growing Brands for 2019. This included newer food and drink brands like White Claw, Impossible Foods and Kind Snacks.

So, what do you make of this list? Which food brands do *you* trust?

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  • On one hand, newer companies are untested and don't have the reputation to maintain, but then, established brands sometimes rest on their laurels. And take shortcuts.

      2 years ago
  • Hershey

      2 years ago