What food do you bring on a roadtrip?

What is your go-to snack?

2y ago

Admit it, we have all been on a long roadtrip which involved us stocking up on food beforehand to see it through. For example most years, my family drive down to Germany which is a proper long slog and can take around 13 hours. This is why snacks are so important to stock up on in my family.

I should also add, that my mum is not keen on stopping along the way which is why we usually only get out the car for the ferry crossing. This makes choosing the right choice of snacks a real challenge.

So, I would normally go for a bag of nuts as I think these are great time killers and I like them. Usually roasted almonds or roasted peanuts. Another great snack are M&M's as these are also very delicious. So that is snacks sorted. What I also tend to get is a sandwich of some description and a packet of crisps which I will treat as a sort of lunch. I will also stock up on water because, as I've said before, water is sooo important.

As for the rest of the car, they get what they want. I just try and ignore my brother as he is usually drowning in a pot of gravy he somehow managed to smuggle in while dropping his socks and wires all over the place. Yes. He is a mess.

What foods do you like on a long drive?

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