What food goes best with a good burger

Can anything beat out fries

Doug F posted in Burgers
2w ago

I know fries will likely be the number one choice, but I want to challenge it. I know it may depend on the flavors in the burger. I prefer something crunchy. I honestly like eating some type of chips but I also really like the under rated tater-tot. Recently I have really liked eating potato salad with one.

So my question for you all is what food do you prefer to eat with your burger? Tell me in the comments. Will fries still be the top choice? I pray you all are well. You all are wonderful. I love you Foodtribe!

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  • WARNING: The following is only my opinion. I'm often told I'm wrong. 🤣

    Fries are not the only food at the pinnacle of cheeseburger sides. Tater-tots can equally share that spot.

    In a close secondary position are three items:

    -Potato salad

    -Creamy pasta salad

    -A quality mac & cheese

    In a distant third position, you can list potato chips. Not all that awesome, but in a cook-out situation they are a practical side.

      14 days ago
  • Fries damnit, or I send it back to the kitchen.

      14 days ago
  • I do like some onion rings with my burger

      14 days ago
    • That is a wonderful option. Now I want onion rings. 🙂

        14 days ago
    • Gah no really? I tried them with my latest burger and left most of them on the plate.

        14 days ago
  • My number one is curly fries! There was a period that I was eating less carbs, so I was having it with a corn on the hob.

      14 days ago
  • Definetely Sweet Potato Fries 😊

      14 days ago
    • That is a great choice. I love sweet potato fries. 🙂

        14 days ago
    • They are sooo tasty! With their peel and everything 😊

        14 days ago