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What has been your most embarrassing beer moment?

Mine was in a packed bar. Probably, the lowest moment in my drinking life!

1y ago

This is a confession session. I just wanted to share what has been, by far, the most embarrassing beer moment in my life. All I ask in return is for you to share yours. Are we clear on the condition? Great! Here goes:

I was part of a tiring project which demanded two weeks of stretched working hours and next to no sleep. And when it finished, we all cheered like anything! To celebrate, the team decided to head out to a bar nearby on a Friday evening. Surprisingly, we got ourselves a table for six. We all wanted a drink, but I convinced everyone to try this new beer in town. Coincidently, the bar had just six pints left for that beer in the inventory. In my head, I was like, “when it is meant to be, it is meant to be!”

While we waited for the server to bring us the beer, the bar started to fill up with customers. And by the time the waiter came back, every single table was occupied. And here comes that low moment of my life: as soon as I saw the waiter reaching our table, I suddenly stood up and shouted “Beeeeerrrr!” To my embarrassment, I knocked the server’s tray out of balance, and all the beer bottles crash-landed on the floor. Laughter, everywhere. “PALM-ON-FACE, AND NOT COMING OFF”.

So, that’s my story. What’s yours?

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  • hahahahahaha Beer terrorist :p... who has embarrassing stories with beer? All I remember are good times (note being remember)

      1 year ago
  • Second story: I was on a stag do in Swansea, Wales. It was my first stag do (this was many years ago) so I was a bit "new" to the scene. Most of the guys, including the groom, had gone to Swansea University and so we ventured into their old stomping grounds. Specifically, a drinker's pub in a questionable suburban area. Whilst they did food, there wasn't much in the way of ample table space. I was sat on the end of the row of tiny tables, when the steak and chips for everyone arrived. What I hadn't realised, is that my plate didn't quite fit on the table and upon cutting the steak, the entire plate fell onto my lap - steak sauce, greasy chips, ketchup/mayo all on my trousers.

      1 year ago
    • Must have been frustrating at the same time. But then, we all have such chapters in our lives. Cheers, buddy! Here's to more fun-filled moments! 🍻

        1 year ago
  • When we played a game called Ad Fundum

      1 year ago
  • I have many but one recently was thinking of going on an online pub. I drank way to much and made a complete an utter jack ass of myself. Woke up the next day wondering what I said how loud I had been. I still cringe at the thought.

      1 year ago
  • Very good. I love a good confession, within reason...! I actually can't choose between two, so have both:

    (1) I was in Amsterdam for a few days with the guys, for a long weekend. It was the first night and I know Amsterdam quite well so I was the 'tour guide'. We headed straight to Leidseplein in the height of summer - for those that don't know, this area is a big 'square' FULL of bars, with loads communal seating in the middle packed with people. Quite early on, we were chatting to these friendly people from Norway and I moved a bit too close to the edge of the bench. By this time I didn't notice that everyone on the same bench hadn't returned from the bar/toilets. Anyway, me, my beer and the bench completely toppled over...

      1 year ago