What has McDonald's done with its food since closing?

McDonald's has been flexing its philanthropic muscles while we've all been at home

37w ago

We've all seen that photo of a McDonald's burger that was buried and remained undecomposed for a year. However, just because their food lasts a concerningly long time, it doesn't mean that McDonald's can simply roll out last month's burgers if or when they reopen later this year.

When its restaurants closed on 23 March, the company’s UK chief executive, Paul Pomroy, said, “We will be working closely with community groups across the UK and Ireland to distribute food from our restaurants to those most in need.”

And that's exactly what they have done. So far, using charity partners, McDonald’s has donated more than 300 tonnes of food and drink to those in need. By my napkin maths, that's equivalent to 1,411,176 Big Macs!

In addition, McDonald’s has offered goods to key workers on the frontline. Through its Company Shop, they have been offering fresh produce for workers. This is an enormous help, especially given the rigmarole it takes to get into supermarkets at the moment.

In a statement to the press, McDonald's said, “Whilst restaurants remain closed, McDonald’s continues to donate food to key workers and vulnerable people through foodbanks and charities including FareShare, Company Shop and Food Drop."

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