What is a Michelin Star and how do you get one?

Have you ever been to a Michelin Star restaurant?

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I can't say I have ever been to a Michelin Star restaurant, but I have heard they are to die for. When someone says 'Michelin Star Restaurant', I automatically think of small portions, fancy looking presentation and lots of good wine. But I have always wondered what actually sets them apart from a Wetherspoons for example.

So, the term 'Michelin Star' defines a restaurant which is of a great level of satisfaction and has a dining experience above all others. Now, you may be wondering why a tyre brand would hand out stars at restaurants, and I do too. I know for a fact I wouldn't eat at a Tyre shop and I wouldn't take my car in for a service at Club Gascon. But I do believe it dates back a few years to when Michelin would advise people on where to stop to eat on road trips.

The ratings are very simple. A restaurant can be awarded up to three stars and this is what they stand for.

One Star

A good place to stop on your road journey. This means it is would be one of the best restaurant in the area and would offer a very high standard of food.

Two Stars

Two stars would mean the restaurant is worth making a detour for as it was that good. The level of cooking would be well above that of a normal person's restaurant.

Three Stars

Now we're talking. If a restaurant has three stars then it means it would be worthy of a special journey. I suppose this means if you are heading up form London to Sheffield, then you should stop off at Glasgow for lunch.

What I like most about the way they review these restaurants is that they do not look at the interior decor, table setting, or service quality when awarding stars. They simply award a restaurant based on its quality of food, which is how it should be. They also do it completely anonymously so that a restaurant doesn't have time to prepare and they don't even know when the inspectors are there. This is so that they ensure all the customers are treated equally and the food is just as good for everyone.

It is said that there are only 113 restaurants in the world who hold a three star rating. Now, these must be very special indeed. Ones which I am sure our very own Jeremy Clarkson would love to visit. But don't think you have to own a really posh restaurant to be in this category of eateries. Back in 2016, two food stalls in Singapore were awarded a star each for providing the best meals for $2. I think this is brilliant and a great way to show you don't always need to look good to be good.

Have you ever eaten in a Michelin Star restaurant?

If so, feel free to tell us about it in the comments!

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  • A couple of times actually - if you're ever in Singapore or Melbourne there's a fast food outlet which has the title of the cheapest Michelin Star restaurant on earth. It's called Hawker Chan and it's actually really good. The mid-end Michelin 2 stars are alright but my standouts have been restaurants like Odette and Nobu. I think you need to remember though that in order to receive a Michelin star you need to both apply or enter and it isn't available in all countries. Some of the best restaurants on earth (which are rated as such as well) do not have anything to do with the Michelin star system!

      2 years ago