What is Costa's new Irish Velvet flavour like?

It's new, it's festive... what it's like?

1y ago

C​osta's Christmas menu is out. This year, the big chain has added a new flavour to its festive array: The Irish Velvet. Here's what I thought...

T​he first thing that came to mind was: surely Costa aren't serving alcohol? And no, they're not. Costa's version mimics the taste, smell and warmth of the traditional drink, with none of the booze.

It's offered in hot chocolate, Frostino and coffee varieties.

I opted for the Irish Velvet Latte with cream (of course). I enjoyed it, but was a little disappointed. It smelled great and looked delicious, but the taste isn't quite like a classic Irish coffee. If I was to compare it to other Costa coffees, it tastes a lot like the vanilla syrup. Which I do love, but was hoping for something a bit different. It did come with a fantastic little white chocolate treat though, so I can't complain too much.

I​ want to know your thoughts on Irish coffee, and your opinion on Costa's sober alternative.

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  • I have no strong views on the coffee, but look what happened to my favourite Costa manager last eeek.

      1 year ago