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    What is fika and why is it an important aspect of Swedish culture?

    It has a deeper meaning than you think

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    Fika (fee-kah), is a tradition in Swedish culture that in simplest terms means a coffee break with your friends or colleagues. It's a vital part of any Swedish work day, and usually occurs twice—once in the morning and again in the late afternoon, lasting anywhere from ten to thirty minutes. But fika is much more than a break, it's a time to connect and socialize.

    Sweden ranks third in the world for biggest coffee drinkers, right below their fellow Nordic country of Finland, with the Netherlands taking the top spot. The Swedes are known for their love of super-strong coffee. Most enjoy it plain black or with a touch of milk.

    The coffee is enjoyed with a sweet pastry, such as their famous semla (cardamom bun filled with light, sweet, vanilla cream) or kanelbulle (cinnamon buns).

    Fika is much more than a coffee break. It is primarily about the time experienced with your friends or colleagues and to genuinely connect with them. It must be done with other people, or else it's not a proper fika. It is part of the culture; it's a mindset in society. It is about companionship.

    It's just about as opposite as you can get from many of us who fly solo and grab our coffee on the go. Fika is all about slowing down and spending time with others.

    Would you like to adopt fika in your life? Tell me in the comments!

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    • That is pretty awesome! I think I heard about it before but it has been a while.

        8 days ago
      • It's possible you have, it's getting more well known😁

          8 days ago
      • Use to watch YouTubers from Finland

          8 days ago
    • We have a newer tea bar near us, Fika Tea bar, wondered where the name came from!?!

        8 days ago
    • I though it had something to do with my credit rating

        6 days ago
    • I would like to (even if the word resembles way too much another one which has a total different meaning haha) by the way I should adopt it as way of life

        8 days ago
      • I totally agree! I used to get coffee with my colleague at my old job, but we just went on Friday mornings. Looking forward to it made the week go faster

          8 days ago