- Every one made to order, to keep it crispy...

What is Jianbing and how do you make them?

This classic Northern Chinese street food snack is scrumptious. There is a place in London still serving it on the street

1y ago

Jianbing is essentially a classic fried pancake. It's similar to crepes but actually is most reminiscent of Tunisian brik.

It's the most popular Northern Chinese street food breakfast. Having tried one last week, I think it beats bacon and eggs hands down!

Jiangbing in Spitalfields Market

Jiangbing in Spitalfields Market

So here's the drill. The batter is generally made from wheat grain, although obviously I don't know Pleasant Lady's recipe. This batter is then spread on a skillet. When it has set, an egg is broken onto this, followed by chilli oil, pickles, cucumber, bean paste, coriander, your choice of meat and finally it's topped with crunchy fried crackers and expertly folded and wrapped ready to go.

It's always made fresh in front of the customer, not only so that they can choose the contents, but also to make sure that it stays crispy.

She's certainly done that before!

She's certainly done that before!

The stall is in the open air in Old Spitalfields Market and there are outside benches to sit and eat it at. One to add to the list for when we're all allowed out again!

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  • It's a popular Northern Chinese street snack! Not so common further south and Southeast Asian countries where rice and fresh greens are the primary choices for food.

      1 year ago
  • Okay! This sounds pretty cool and the food looks good!

      1 year ago